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Cancer Votes 2014 Recap: You asked. Candidates responded!

Thank you to our volunteers from across the nation for another outstanding election season.

From Florida to Maine and Delaware to Alaska, candidates at every level of government clearly heard the voices of Americans passionate about making fighting cancer a top priority.

Massachusetts Governor-elect Charles Baker told ACS CAN, "I believe that everyone should benefit from having access to quality care."

And Congressman-elect John Moolenaar told us, "I will advocate for the highest possible level of funding for cancer research."

When our volunteers weren't talking with candidates, they were distributing Cancer Votes materials at college football tail gate parties in Florida and conducting "Days of Action" in Illinois.

You might have also seen ACS CAN on national television as a leading sponsor of public debates, including one with U.S. Senate and House candidates in Delaware. Or perhaps you saw our volunteers featured on local television newscasts or high profile radio interviews promoting their Cancer Votes activities.

Your accomplishments in 2014 are too many to list in just one article. So, to everyone who is helping put an end to this terrible disease, thank you for all that you are doing in the fight against cancer.

Now, the real work begins - ensuring these candidates become lawmakers who advocate for strong cancer laws. Visit your state's customized campaigns page at www.acscan.org to see how you can get involved in making fighting cancer a local, state and national priority.

Thank you!