#1 Way to Get Involved: See what we’re doing in your state

We’ll be conducting Cancer Votes election activities in communities around the country.

Our work is always non-partisan since we all know that cancer doesn’t discriminate between Democrats and Republicans.

Whether it’s a local city council race, a tight governor’s race or a hot congressional seat, ACS CAN will be involved in the most impactful races across the nation.

The first step is to select your state from the drop-down menu to see if we’re targeting races in your area.  If so, we encourage you to view the candidate information and our exclusive voter guides.

If you don’t see any voter guides posted yet, just keep an eye on the Updates section on your state’s page to see how you can get involved to make fighting cancer a priority this election season.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alissa Crispino
Phone: (202) 661-5772
Email: Alissa.Crispino@cancer.org

Nicole Bender
Phone: (202) 661-5773
Email: Nicole.Bender@cancer.org